Trucking & Excavating Equipment and Rates

Our experienced crews are specially trained and certified to handle any type of work and size of excavation. We will work quickly and efficiently so that your project is completed correctly the first time and always on-time.


CAT 2990 + Wacker ST45 Truck Loaders - 72" + 80" Wide

When you have to move dirt, concrete, sand or gravel around a site these machines can get the job done quickly.
We can grade your site, back fill foundations, dig out areas and have concrete out.

truck loaders

1.7 Tonne + 3.5 Tonne Mini Excavators

These excavators are perfect machines for residential jobs. Small enough to get into backyards but strong enough to get the work done.
Perfect for digging out around houses for drainage, grading and trenching where space is limited.

1.7 tonne excavator

9 Tonne Excavator

This machine is 7.5 feet wide and is a powerful excavator for demolition of garages and small houses as well as bringing out concrete and digging over small house foundations, driveway breakouts and removals.

9 tonne excavator

20 Tonne Excavator

This is the size we use for house demolitions, house excavations, land cleaning and commercial site clean up and loading.

20 tonne excavator

Tandem and Tridem End Dump Trailers

This trailers are used to haul bulk quantities of dirt and concrete.
Tandem trailer hauls the equivalent of 2 dump truck loads and the Tridem trailer haul the equivalent of 2.5 dump truck loads. .

tridem end dump truck

90 Yard Demolition Trailers

We haul demolition site waste, bulk quantities of scrap metal, drywall, concrete, green waste and clean wood waste.

90 yard demolition trailer


Equipment rates Per hour
Plus 5% GST
CAT 2990 + Wacker ST45 Truck Loaders - 72" + 80" Wide 110
1.7 Tonne + 3.5 Tonne Mini Excavators 95
9 Tonne Excavator 115
20 Tonne Excavator 125
Tandem and Tridem End Dump Trailers Call For Prices
90 Yard Demolition Trailers Call For Prices